Wednesday, 25 June 2014

New book on Spring 4 and Hibernate 4 using Agile methodology

The book titled "Spring, Hibernate, Data Modeling, REST and TDD:Agile Java Design and Development" is based on design and development of Java-based, data-driven applications using Spring and Hibernate technology. The book covers real-world applications for developing a multi-tiered, object-oriented Java system using Spring and Hibernate. An accessible reference for working with almost any data modeling scenario, the book considers examples of all data modeling relationships with their many variations, then covers designing, developing, and unit testing each scenario with Spring and Hibernate. With each lesson, this practical guide develops the user interface along with the presentation tier, then develops the business service tier, the data access tier, and the resource tier with the test-driven development agile approach. 

The Table of Contents is as follows: 

PART I: An Introduction to Data-Driven Development
Ch1. Architecture
Ch2. Managing a Standalone Entity

PART II: Managing a One-to-One Relationship
Ch3. One-to-One Unidirectional Relationship
Ch4. One-to-One Bidirectional Relationship
Ch5. One-to-One Self-Referencing Relationship

PART III: Managing a One-to-Many Relationship
Ch6. One-to-Many Unidirectional Relationship
Ch7. One-to-Many Bidirectional Relationship
Ch8. One-to-Many Self-Referencing Relationship

PART IV: Managing a Many-to-Many Relationship
Ch9. Many-to-Many Unidirectional Relationship
Ch10. Many-to-Many Bidirectional Relationship
Ch11. Many-to-Many Bidirectional with Join Attribute Relationship
Ch12. Many-to-Many Self-Referencing Relationship
Ch13. Many-to-Many Self-Referencing with Join Attribute Relationship

PART V: Managing Inheritance Relationships
Ch14. Single Table Inheritance 
Ch15. Concrete Table Inheritance 
Ch16. Class Table Inheritance 

What you’ll learn:
  • REST Architecture with support for mobile applications
  • All the relationships of data modeling
  • Development of user interface with JSP, JQuery, AJAX and JSON
  • Design, develop and unit test the presentation tier
  • Design, develop and unit test the business tier
  • Design, develop and unit test the data access tier
  • Design, develop and unit test the resource (entity) tier
  • Popular patterns and best practices writing a complete Spring and Hibernate based relational database driven Java web application
      Unique Selling Points:
  •     Difficult to find another Java book covering all the relationships of data modeling which I have covered in detail. 
  •     Difficult to find another Java book covering REST architecture which is popular in today's world where applications needs to support mobile view along with online view.
  •     Difficult to find another Java book covering test driven development at all the tiers of the stack which is a best practice for agile projects very popular in today's market.
  •     Difficult to find another Java book covering how to design all the tiers of JEE application design-entity, data access, business service and presentation. 
  •     The techniques given in this book can be used in real-life professional projects and are not present in the specification. 
  •     The code given as a download option can be used in professional projects reducing development time by 30%.    
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